Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots to do!

The girls and I spent most of our weekend at the house. I've been removing wallpaper from the dining room walls. Not a bad job. It peeled off easily except for the backing and a little soapy mixture is taking that off. The guys finished the plumbing (YEAH!) but discovered termites in the process (UGH!). Hubby is moving on to the electrical repairs and working on the grounds.
I'm sure there is a Wisteria vine next to the studio and I can't wait to see it bloom!
There's a stray neighborhood cat that the girls have named Miss Priss. she comes to visit us quite often. This weekend she gave us a show and delivered a kitten on Tom's army cot! the girls witnessed it all, great moment! She then carried it off to our neighbors house and delivered more.
At home, I'm packing up and moving a few boxes everyday, getting things gathered for a yard sale, and making lists and plans for our current home ( lots to do to get it ready to sell). I haven't worked on the chandelier any more BUT I did paint a couple kid's furniture pieces this week. A child's vanity with lots of pink stripes, dots, and some Swaroski crystals and a big table and chairs set with pink animal prints! contact Peggy's if you're interested in purchasing one of these. 
Business has picked up A LOT.  I have a couple new stores that have started buying from me and a couple more interested. I had a meeting about doing some murals, I'll be presenting sketches for those this week. I really need to finish up some paintings that will be sold as prints and I want to put some things in Cafepress . Then it's time to start working on Christmas ornaments!     
 I missed so many great photo opportunities this weekend. All of my cameras have problems and I will be shopping for a new one this week... any recommendations? 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'll never see my husband again!

We have started moving stuff into the new house, mostly things we won't need here at the old place.We've met our neighbors, they seem nice and have a lot of knowledge about our house! For example, the former owner was a woman from New York that had twin daughters. She had an issue with one of the bathroom showers. It could not be shut off in any way, so she left the HOT shower run continually for 2 years! Tom and his sweet brother "RAIL" (they all have fun nicknames given to them by their dad) are redoing ALL the plumbing this weekend, the electrical redo is next.  
Tom is just so happy with our new home regardless of it's problems. He has a new pooltable in the detached garage (mancave) and has been sleeping there on an old Army cot. So with all the work to be done AND his love for the place, I really won't be seeing much of him except for my daily boxed deliveries!   
The girls and I spent yesterday painting their playroom a beautiful Tiffany blue, see the room above. Good bye Burgundy! I've also started making a FUN chandelier to go in the room. I'll post it and the instructions on how to make it next week. 
Today I have packing, glazing ,painting and cleaning to do. Better get to it, have a great Sunday!