Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So.... how ya doin? Sorry for the long blog break but this has to be the MOST stressful and hectic summer of my life. 
I'm still packing up the old house, trying to strip wallpaper and paint walls at the "NEW" house, find fun things for the girls to do (and finding people to do these things with them), get estimates and get work started on the old house so I can get it on the market in 3 WEEKS!
I just started planning Ellie's 4th birthday party that is this weekend. Bad Mommy...
On the business end, I have a wonderful lady that had seen my keyfobs in one of my shops and contacted me. She is now repping my line and adding new shops left and right! That is ALL GOOD! But now I have to be a little more professional and make ordering books, brochures, ordering forms etc. Not to mention getting ornament samples done this week to be photographed.
I'm sure my mother is still disappointed that I didn't post about her on Mother's Day, and I wanted to post about my wonderful hubby on Father's Day and I missed that boat too. 
Anyway, enough about poor me. Thought I'd show you more of our UNIQUE house. The first pic is what I call the cave. It's very dark and cozy. This is our makeshift bedroom for now. You can see the way it opens up to the second floor.... interesting? I think instead of stripping that wallpaper, I'll have some wallpaper put over top of it.  Any suggestions? 
I'd better get back to work.... so little time...            

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chimp Eden

Totally love this show, if you haven't watched it before, give it a try. Great family show!