Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bloggy Carnival Giveaway!

Here's my giveaway! I will offer up one key fob with design of your choice, kids key fob, initial, dots, whatever, personalized for YOU! Great thing... I will giveaway one key fob for every 100 comments! Please only comment once but send all your friends and family here too! Grab a button from the post below and add to your blog with the etsy link, then come back and comment about it for a 2nd entry! Good Luck and have FUN!
(I'm so confused! I am adding the correct link to the Mr. Linky for the carnival, but will also keep this up as long as I can!! So MANY things going on at the moment...many apologies to those that looked for my giveaway earlier!)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


“Hey BlogoSphere! MomDot is so excited about our launch! We had been working hard to get going for August 1st, but with all the amazing support of mom boutiques and mom bloggers, we are ready to get the Party Started! We want you to come every day starting on July 28th with the party ending on August 31st, including prizes daily and feature bloggers, just in time to bang out the end of summer and into the school year. Don’t forget to list your blog for free and connect with other mommies on our forum!”


Saturday, July 26, 2008


If you are an avid reader of blogs then I'm sure you know Kari and Kijsa. They are in need of your prayers today and in the coming days as their father passed away this morning. You can read and send messages to their brother's blog HERE.
This brings back memories of my father's death at the age of 53. All I can say about my father's passing was that I was blessed to be with him when he died. I had the opportunity to spend more time with him in his final days than I had in the previous 15 years. It was a GIFT.
As the oldest daughter I took on the responsibilities of bringing him into my home with help from HOSPICE. He was given 3 months to live when he was diagnosed with psorosis and lung cancer. This is the only prayer I prayed for him. God, If it is your will to make him healthy please do so, If that is not your will then please don't make him suffer any longer. He died 3 days after we brought him home.
There is a stage of dying where people withdraw into themselves. There is also this need to have said goodbyes, my youngest sister, Mandy, never came to see him, he had withdrawn into himself, I was kneeling by his chair telling him that I loved him and IT was okay. Lots of sweet nothings. The only response I got from him was when I lied, yes I lied. He was suffering and I wanted him to have some comfort. I asked if he had seen Mandy (youngest sister) earlier. He came to life with that question and looked at me, I repeated the question stating that she had been there earlier. His response was something like "No baby , was she here?" Yes Dad she was here. I think it comforts Mandy too to know that at least he thought she had been there. Later that night Tom and I were with him and though it was not a peaceful passing, he was not alone. Not alone like it could have been, not without me, whether he liked it or not, I was there. I can ONLY think of it as a GIFT, given to me by a kind and loving GOD. I give thanks daily for that gift.
I really didn't mean for this to become about me and my father. Just that we should all notice the gifts that we are given. I'm sure Kari and Kijsa know how blessed they are to have had such a wonderful father in their lives.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lucky 13!

The winner of the giveaway was the 13th comment made to my blog according to my email notifications! SECAVEN! Congrats and thanks to ALL of you for your support! It really makes the world a better place to have support like this! I hope to post soon about my new line of Christmas ornaments...wish me luck!
no i didn't win the contest BUT i think i get an A for effort, the winner really did have the cutest item!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

One last push! I'm in 2nd Place:(

Just one last push for votes! Vote for #17 HERE
Come back and leave a comment to win a keychain!
currently down 48 votes and in 2nd place:(

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mama Mia!

Mamma Mia!
Are you as excited as I am? So many people blogged about the Sex and the City premier and their parties with their friends. I have to say I have never been a fan of the show, SORRY, but despise is more of the feeling I have for it.
Premiering this weekend IS a movie I am very excited to go see, MAMA MIA! This is my cup of tea. I grew up with ABBA and this music (listen to my playlist)really makes me feel happy. What's not to love about Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan? Let me know if you go and how you felt about it. I may just spend the entire weekend in the theater... dancing queen that I am! Little sis will get a kick out of THAT comment!
P.S. Don't forget to vote in the contest below, I'm losing the battle BUT not giving up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Designer Chick Contest and giveaway!

Thanks so much to all of you that have voted for me so far! I just wanted to let you see 3 of my artist friend's work. They are all competing in the Children's Accessories Category. Boy am I glad I'm NOT in this category! I hope you'll vote for your favorite and then vote in the Gifts for Mom category (for me ,hopefully, selection #17 ). You can read more about it here or visit The Girl Indie Blog to vote!
Come back here and leave a comment to be entered to win a keychain designed especially for you! Oh and tell your friends!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vote for me! 2008 Designer chick Contest

Hey! The Girl Indie Blog has started their Designer Chick Contest and I'm one of the designers!
PLEASE vote for my kids keychain (#17) as the BEST gift for moms! Take a look at what I could win, Ladies, I really REALLY really NEED this!

You can vote once in each of the 4 categories! The contest ends soon! Please tell ALL your friends AND foes, I'll take votes from them too! Post a comment here AFTER you've voted for your chance to WIN A KEYCHAIN of your choosing from me! Spread the word! Can you hear the whine in my voice? Sorry.... But vote, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Under the Sea Party

Well, It has taken me too long to do this post! I'm not the best at editing photos and with the HOUSE drama (we found our dream home, but AGAIN someone beat us to the offer, really heartbroken .) I kept putting it off.
I usually obsess over my kid's birthday parties. I usually do TOO MUCH. This year was way more casual and I really got to enjoy it. I know the kids had fun!
I did however get up really early that morning and make the party hats. I had some thin cardboard, ribbon, trim, glitter and paint to work with. I just went with the underwater theme, I think they turned out cute.Little sis made the cake which was so CUTE! We added the MERMAID WAND to the cake for pictures but birthday girl played and played with it all day! I sent a pic of the sketch for the invitations and this is what sweet Melissa of Fischtale Designs came up with, LOVE IT! Thanks Melissa!
We had a few kids over and had water balloon fights, slip-n-slide, and a waterslide for entertainment.
There was a backdrop of Mickey and friends from an old Disney Store display little sis brought home.
We did a treasure hunt and painted treasure boxes too.
Birthday girl has enjoyed her ROSE COTTAGE more than anything! Thanks Playskool and 5 minutes for mom!
P.S. Hubby wore his pirate bandana in honor of the birthday girl... mommy says
hubba hubba!

Monday, July 7, 2008

dream home

So much has been going on lately, I haven't had time or energy to post, sorry.
Tom and I found our DREAM home 2 years ago only to be heartbroken, another offer was accepted before ours... long story.
Well we have found our NEW dream home (2 blocks from the other one!) and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it even more! Here's the problem, an offer from someone else is coming in tonight and another couple is seeing it tonight. It has been on the market 4 DAYS! We are of course putting in an offer too, but with our history on this same street we are SICK. I know everything happens for a reason and I also know that prayers get answered! Please say a little prayer for us, we know it could only help us.
A little about the house... it's over a half acre with.... an additional building (500sq ft) STUDIO!!
Can't type anymore...must go wallow.