Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kid's Keyring on 2 blogs

Here are the links to 2 blogs that have written about my kid's keychains. One was a purchase from my Etsy shop while the other was a winner of a giveaway. Please hop over and read their posts. They are 2 very nice women with great blogs! I can't thank them enough for being so kind! I will be posting about another artist next week, you won't believe who it is! 
I need help with my pictures. I'm at a 100% positive feedback in my Etsy shop, but the comment I get almost every time is that the keychain is a lot bigger than the recipient thought it would be. I have it in my description that the size is 1 1/2" wide but it really looks bigger in person. I think ping pong ball or golf ball size is a close size comparison. I've been trying to think of a creative way to photograph them with a well known object for size comparison but nothing I can think of is Pretty! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Have a glorious weekend!


Maddie said...

So glad you read my post. I'll put my thinking cap on for what you might use to photograph the key chains with.

Sara Mincy said...

I love your key chains! You have such a cute style!

Jenny said...

That is exactly what I thought when mine arrived- I was pleasantly suprised at the size of my keyfobs...EVERYONE loves them by the way!

What if you attached a keyring to a golf ball the way your do your ball and did a cute little pic of your key ring and the golf ball hanging on a little tree branch or something...

I will give it more thought, that was just the first thing that popped into my mind!

How is the giving challenge going? Have a fabulous day~


Marnie said...

Hazel - I have one of your key chains and love it - a present from a few years back - before you used the high gloss on the wooden balls - About the size and photos why not impale a ping pong ball on a brightly painted skewer and stick it in a flower pot mounded with moss and then have a key ring hang from a stick or something else next to it - they will be in mid air and the size comparison will be easy to see - Also, check out Periwinkle - the link for her blog is on my blog - I think I read recently that she gives some hints on photography, although I haven't had chance to read the hints yet.

AR said...

you are truly talented. gotta get a key chain. so cute.

Nancy King said...

You could compare the key chains with some pretty Christmas tree balls...just an idea and they're usually pretty! LOL

Also, I'm on twitter and my site is