Thursday, September 18, 2008


"borrowed" the pic above from the best party planner/artist, A Fanciful Twist  

Did I really turn 41 yesterday? According to my mother I did. She calls me every year on this momentous occasion and promptly starts singing "Happy Birthday" when I answer the phone. (imagine Marilyn Monroe but with a child like tone) It's not a birthday with out her doing this and I actually love that I'm 41 and my mommy calls me to sing to me.
It seems everyone in blogland knew it was my day. Martha's show was all about blogging, beautiful PAPER dresses were posted for Project Blogway, I discovered Design This Design That online magazine, love it! Anyone having extra cash sitting around (HA!) can take a look at my favorite things and send them my way, LOL!
What you can really do is support these 2 moms. $5.00 or more really adds up if a lot of people contribute. 
Well I better get back to work and get started on my next 40 years?! Hugs and prayers for everyone! 
P.S. If you have a birthday coming up... I can have my mom call you, just send me your number!


Tracye said...


Mine's today, actually.

And my mom calls me EVERY SINGLE YEAR and sings to me, too!

First thing in the morning, I know that phone call is her, and she'll start singing the second I say hello.

sara's art house said...

Happy Birthday!!!! My parents sing to me every year too :)

Nothinglikeit said...

Happy Birthday! Mine's in 2 months but PLEASE, no phone calls! I will be 44 - I like the symmetry of it but not the size...

Diane said...

Hi! Just found your blog on Entrecard & looove your "dots"! Saw this post and just had to wish you a Happy Birthday. I turn 41 on Friday :-)