Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still Kicking

LexmarkAIOScan31-1.jpg image by muraldevotee
Yes, I'm still here. I am in full production mode, trying to get thru this week (this is my weekly motto until December 24th). I always think it will get better if I can just push through til Monday. Then each Monday comes and I'm back "in the weeds".
I did manage a miracle yesterday. I took a bath, went to the bank  and grocery, took my little one to the park, cooked a real dinner, washed dishes AND cleaned the toilet. This in addition to painting, painting, painting. The next time this all gets done on the same day it will be Christmas Eve. Really. Not a joke.
I will be posting ornaments this week. The above photo is a sketch of some of the designs. They are so cute when finished with ribbon and I really LOVE them. I hope you do too.
Today I HAVE to: VOTE, paint, pack items to ship Wednesday, call shops, order more supplies.... the list goes on and on and on.
I did celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary this weekend, Tom's gift to me... a nap! He is truly THE BEST!       
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Abbey Lane Baby Boutique said...

I must, must, must have some of your ornaments, I love them!!

Sounds like your busy but would you be able to fit in some designs for my little girl and my two nephews??!

I have to feature you on my blog!

rachel joan martin said...