Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Mother's Day!

I hope your Mother's Day was a happy one! I had a great one! Cash was my "gift" along with a box lid diorama Rachel made for me. I actually ran to TJMAXX with my cash as soon as they opened. I bought a bright blue and green tunic and some sunglasses to wear to our Mother's Day dinner at historical Hall's on the River
It was so good! I had a Seafood Hotbrown and we all shared banana peppers and fried green tomatoes AND hot fudge cake. I'm hoping we'll be able to become regulars there once we move into our new home since it's really just down the road from us!
We went back to the NEW house, my mother headed for the COT that Tom sleeps on , while the rest of us headed for the pool table.  I made it a fairly short stay. The girls and I came home and snuggled on the couch til bedtime. Tom stayed down there of course. He's trying to tame the landscape at the moment and has to stay on top of the yardwork.  I fear he's getting a little to carried away with the saw. I've laid down the law concerning the gigantic Wisteria that's growing by the porch. If it comes up missing, he will too! 

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