Monday, July 21, 2008

Lucky 13!

The winner of the giveaway was the 13th comment made to my blog according to my email notifications! SECAVEN! Congrats and thanks to ALL of you for your support! It really makes the world a better place to have support like this! I hope to post soon about my new line of Christmas ornaments...wish me luck!
no i didn't win the contest BUT i think i get an A for effort, the winner really did have the cutest item!


Maddie said...

I still think your key chains were cuter:) You should be really excited about the more than 100 votes you did get. That's great!!! Can't wait to see the Christmas stuff.

sara's art house said...

You did really well, tho! Congrats on all of the votes!

Melissa Fischer said...

I didn't do real well on the contest either- Oh well! We tried hard! You did get alot more votes than me- you rock girl!!