Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lots of changes!

I've been busy doing nothing! I have some wholesale keychain orders that I am finally getting around to doing. I'm thinking it's a mid-life crisis, not sure. I have been so SICK since the New Year began. I've decided to make a lot of changes with me and my business. The first is that I will only sell keychains to my wholesale accounts from here on out. I love painting them so this will continue.  I had been painting anything and everything (especially for local shops). Second, I will be doing some art prints that are fulfilling TO ME and I'll be selling those on Etsy. You can see my first idea above(actually there are more sketches of this theme). A young Obama. I can't help myself. I love love love the new first family!   I will be incorporating his inaugural speech into some paintings. Loved it!
Third, I'm going to focus more on MOMMY TIME! Time that I will spend taking care of ME(I've joined spark people to monitor my nutrition and exercise, Love it!)  AND quality time devoted to my family. All have been neglected over the last 7 years.  The business has been my focus for way too long!  Mommy time may also include a part time job and some volunteer work. I have to get out of the house more often! 
It's really going to be A LOT of work! I know I can do it. It truly is a NEW DAY!


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