Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giveaway From Melissa!

Melissa at Fischtales is having a giveaway, you know I want to win but I'm sharing the love!


Michelle said...

Thanks!! looking at all of your beautiful work makes me want to start painting again!! ( although I am no where NEAR the painter you are) :)

carolyn said...

Hi Hazel!!! So glad to reconnect. I would love to have some of your artwork to hang in my new home. Maybe, I can commission something as I get closer to actually decorating. I'm sure I'll be asking for your opinion on colors, etc. as I move along in this house process. Hope you are doing well!

Melissa Fischer said...

Thanks Hazel for posting about my giveaway! You are so sweet- you didn't even tell me you were doing that! You are very thoughtful- Happy Valentines Day!