Monday, March 9, 2009

Job Hunting

I'm trying really hard to follow the "If you can't say anything nice..." adage.  Hence, no blogging for the past month.  I have managed to pick up some new shops and they HAVE paid me, I wish I could say that about ALL my accounts. I have shops I've been doing business with for years that have yet to pay for Christmas merchandise. I now have a NO PAY NO SHIP policy.  
  Anyway, I'll be Job Hunting after 7 Years of being self employed, I really really don't want to but I have no choice if I want my kids to eat, have power and water etc.  I know a lot of other artists are experiencing the same thing.   
Better shut up before I quit being nice...
I will be having a SALE posted later today if you're interested. 


cindy said...

I hate that you are having to do that, but I have been there as well. Hopefully you will still be able to do the art stuff on the side. And yep, that was the part of the biz that I hated...running down unpaid invoices...yuck. Cute artwork too btw.


Maddie said...

Oh, bummer!!! I can't fathom that people have not paid you for merchandise they ordered. I'm racking my brain for ideas to keep you self-employed. Just remember, "when God closes a door, he open a window" :) Keep the faith.