Sunday, February 17, 2008

Middle Of The Night

I awoke at around 2 am this morning. No baby crying just a quiet house. It is actually the most energized I will be all day. My thoughts are clearer and I just seem to get so much done! 
Design ideas are bouncing thru my head. "Start on me!" they say. "No, Me!" says another.
This tends to be my problem, prioritizing. Sometimes what I NEED to do loses the battle to what I WANT to do. 
My goals for today include
blogging for the first time  a
finish wholesale keychain orders
clean my kitchen
clean the fish tank
have new items photographed (finish them first)
spend some quality time with each kid
cook real breakfast and real dinner for all
clean Rachel's room WITH her (this alone will take all day)
organize paperwork
and of coarse ... call my mother

Can you relate?  


1 comment:

pve design said...

Oh my god, another nocturnal owl like me from Kentucky....
Follow your heart and make a date with your dreams!