Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sweet Girl

Shelby was a stray my hubbie brought home 5 years ago. She had been hanging around my husbands shop for a while. She was covered in ticks and very thin. The guys fed her and everyday I got a little snippet about her. Finally he brought her home and she hasn't left since. She is the most loving dog. She loves ALL babies and has brought baby bunnies and squirrels in the house. She never harms them, she just mothers them til we send them to animal rehabbers. We always try to find the mothers but they never come back for them. She is grateful to be here and we are grateful to have her!


Firefly Hill said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! Your work is so gorgeous--you are so talented! I will be back to visit you.


Oliver's said...

Hazel, thank you for stopping by my blog. Your painting is beautiful,what a great talent to have, that is one thing I would love to learn to do, that and photography, and salsa dancing, and a million other things that I clearly don't have time (and or talent) for. Is Oscar a Westie? He looks like it or maybe Bichon I have a Westie named Oliver (which is who my store is named after) he is also the best gift I ever received. Have a great day nice to meet you, Paula

hazel said...

Paula, I think he is a little yorkiepoo with some rotten mixed in!

cindy said...

Hazel, How adorable are you? Your work is amazing! I love your style! Great job with the doggies portraits! Thanks for coming by my blog, now I've got ya book-marked!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Thanks so much for visiting and for all your sweet commenst!

kari & kijsa

pve design said...

Ah, break my heart.
What a sweet one!
You captured the soul!

pve design said...

If it makes you feel any better - my daughter is home ill today and my dog seems to have an ear thing going on, and I had planned to finish an illustration....
God has other divine plans for me so I am in his hands to serve the needs of others.
Keep the faith in the midst of all that life throws at you and be grateful for your creative outlet!