Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ikea And Derby Fever!

Yes! I finally made it to Ikea! It was so much fun and did not disappoint at all! Johnna (sis) and Ellie are now official fans too! It is just so much more than a store, more along the lines of an amusement park. They have a play area at the entrance where moms and dads can leave potty trained little ones for 30 minutes while they shop. Ellie is almost ready for this...she goes to the potty most of the time! There are little play stations set up in numerous areas of the store including the restaurant , and they encourage little ones to play with and on the merchandise! What other store DOES THAT?!
The prices are unbelievable and you really do need to grab the pencil, paper, and map (all provided) when you enter the store. I made a few small purchases but will HAVE to return soon for more stuff! If you haven't been to one, then find the one nearest to you and GO GO GO!!!! So Much Fun!!!
I also have Derby Fever! The first Saturday in May is a close second to Christmas in this house! We love love love it! Though I have never been to the Derby in Louisville, there are always great parties here in Lexington. Tom and I really like going to Keeneland. They televise all the races, open betting windows, supply food and entertainment, pony rides for kids etc. It has become a hot spot here with more than 20,000 people attending! Spectators arrive at the crack of dawn to set up tents and tables. It is very casual and family friendly! Of course Derby hats are always present!
I always do some keychains for the local stores with a Jockey/ horse theme. You can check out my new items on Etsy. Of course custom orders are always welcome!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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M.KATE said...

ikea's always my fav, the whole family can spend all day there!