Thursday, April 3, 2008

polka dot mom and new color charts

Good Morning! I want to thank Sally at Polka Dot Mom for featuring me on her blog this week! It has been very exciting!
You can check it out here.
I also would like to thank Summer at Blog Designs by Summer for the blog redesign. Don't you love it! Check out her very reasonable prices!
I have had quite a few questions about ordering my kid keychains on Etsy. I've come up with a color chart and added some new hairstyles. Basically all you need to do is PURCHASE the keychain listed with the correct number of kids on it. You can order with up to 6 kids! Then choose background and dot color from the color charts. Provide the following info for each child:
NAME/AGE(for my reference only)/HAIRSTYLE#/HAIRCOLOR(choose from chart or give general description)/ANY ADDITIONAL INFO(no bangs, hairbow, shorter, curly etc.)/ RETYPE NAME
That's it! If you still have questions just email me and I'll get back with you asap.
Spring Break has been so so. We really haven't done much of anything yet. Hopefully we can squeeze in something fun today.
I'm still trying to make time to list clearance items on Etsy, maybe next week.
One funny thing to tell you about my almost 3 year old. My sister sent both the girls some Tinkerbell "wings" on Sunday. Ellie was quick to have me put hers on and went running out the back door. She quickly returned with a very sad look on her usually happy face, saying "I tan't fly, I tant fly Mommy!" Then on Monday she asked her aunt... "You teach me to fly?" If only she could...


mushroommeadows said...

oh my gosh...your 3 year old is sooooooooooo cute! :) The Tinkerbelle story is like from a movie script or something. :D

cindy said...

Awwwwww, how sweet about the Tinkerbell wings...I love it.