Sunday, May 11, 2008

About My Mother...

1. She grits her teeth when hugging us (shown above).
2. She grew up WITH me, married at 15 and had me at 16!
3. She is ALWAYS put together, nails done, heels, jewelry, she does it all!
4. Divorced at 19, lost custody for no reason to my dad's parents, kidnapped us at 25, 1 year of "running", caught and got full custody. There weren't milk cartons back then or we would have been on one!
5. If anyone needs help or a hand... she is the first one in line.
6. Has a strong work ethic.
7. Number one rule when I was growing'll get in A LOT more trouble if you lie to her, just don't do it!
8. Taught me to love reading.
9. Brags, Brags, Brags about her kids and grandkids.
10. Taught me to stand my ground and take up for myself, even against her.
11. She, like me, will laugh hysterically at extremely sad moments. I feel sorry for the people in the theatre when we saw the movie The Champ!
12. She is actually driving over to my house today in her jammies. It's a day of eating, watching movies, and napping!
13. Shopaholic!
14. Knows that since I gave her 3 grandchildren, she will live with my sis or a HOME when she's old! LOL!
15. Knows that We love her with all our hearts...


Annie Howes said...

Great post! Happy Mother's Day!


jessilynn said...

What a great mom you have, she must be alot of fun.

She sounds like a very strong woman for what she went through with the grandparents and getting you kids back. I am lucky to have a wonderful mama too. We both are pretty lucky!

You should write a book about your mom, how she fought for you at such a young age, growing up and all. I bet it would be an interesting read. I'd buy it. :-)

Happy Mother's Day! Kristi

Kimberley said...

What a fun read! Your Mom sounds like the best! Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle said...

What a great post.

cookie said...

Your Mother is beautiful and I think that is one of the sweetest posts I've read in ages. You are dear.