Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zebra stripes ,a bunny, clocks and flip flops?

Well the blessings have already started for me and I haven't even officially begun my 29 days of giving! Tom has received a VERY nice raise! Totally needed that! I however have received the MOST beautiful gift from the wonderful and talented Patricia at PVE DESIGN. I love love love it! I will devote an entire post to this kind hearted lady on Monday and let you see my goodies! She has also joined the 29 Day Giving Challenge so send some love and giving her way!
As for the post title, you can see I've been a little obsessed with these things. The plaques are not finished. I would love your opinion. Do you think they should all have words on them? Would you be more apt to buy if they were personalized with your name or monogram? Of course I would love any suggestions, this is strictly a voluntary marketing survey. But I would so love to hear not only your thoughts on this set but also about items you own that you love. What draws your eye? 
Don't forget to take the 29 Day Challenge... you will be blessed thru your giving!  


Kelly B. Rightsell said...

I think these are great! Thanks for your encouragement to keep blogging! I want to know about this 29 days of giving. Thanks!! Kelly

Maddie said...

I love them just the way they are!!! You are so talented. It's so fun to read your blog and see what you're working on.

pve design said...

Adding the words is fun, and "just add dots" too!
Thanks for the kind mention! Please congratulate Tom upon his raise! Share the wealth and it will come back to you! I will check back on monday to be sure and see the post!

Jenny said...

Ms them! Maybe offer both owrdless and with sayings. Simplicity is all the rage buy I like a little busyness....SO...both.

I can't wait t og et started with the challenge. Thanks for the invite!


cindy said...

Love the paintings. Love the color of the blue with the zebra! Perfect! Now here's my two cents (for what it's worth!) : D

I love words, so I think a really cool quote, like in relation to the chiar or birdhouse would be perfect. But that's just me.

They are so cute. You always do the coolest things.