Friday, May 16, 2008

Mass Production

I've been in Mass Production mode this week. Trying my best to build up a little stock for wholesale buyers. It's also time to finalize new designs for Christmas Ornaments and send out samples and catalogs. I'm thinking I'll do postcards this year with really good graphics on the front and ordering info on the back. 
I'm still working on some originals that will be made into prints, a few craft projects to post here, decluttering studio, and getting myself organized! 
Oh yeah... I have 2 birthday parties to plan for the girls. Ellie wants a Spongebob party and Rachel wants another Luau. Her last luau had over 30 kids here! She's my little social butterfly! I'll be posting ideas for these parties, hopefully soon. Better get to work! Have a wonderful day! 

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cindy said...

Don't you love things "en masse" like that? I do! I know, time to start thinking Christmas (groan). Every year I say I will, and then I don't. But this year...a must. I'm going to try and do some shows in the fall.