Tuesday, March 4, 2008

At the Park

Well, we made it to the park and it was so rejuvenating! Ellie (2), my youngest, experienced it as if it were the first time. Rachel (9) tries to rule the roost everywhere she goes, this was also true for the park. We didn't see any bunnies but the ducks were out on the lake. I love days like this in Kentucky.
It's amazing what a little breeze and sunshine can do for my spirit. I'm ready to begin again!
Expect lots of NEW things from me...soon! I'll be posting new pics everyday and I really appreciate the feedback!
I think a GIVEAWAY is due to be posted...we'll see!

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pve design said...

Fond memories of my very own Mother taking us to the park and feeding the ducks. To this day, I love going to the park with my family and my dog all year long and being inspired by the seasons.