Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hi Ladies! We have a winner! Rock Star has won! Thanks so much for entering and try again today!
Today's prize is a hand painted soap/oil bottle! What is a soap/oil bottle you say? It is a beautiful and convenient way to keep your dish soap or cooking oil out on your counter for easy access! It is also Martha Stewart's # 1 GOOD THING!!!!
You will get your choice of colors and initial!
Just comment on today's question and you'll be in the running!
Today's question: What song or songs make you stop in your tracks, to listen to them? You know, songs that touch your heart or rev you up!
I have added my playlist above (I'm getting so techy!).
Yellow Ledbetter is actually my ringtone, I think the music in it is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!
Twilight zone and Should I Stay or Should I Go, Well if either is on the radio and you see me in my car, just look away, cause I go CRAZY!
There are many more songs I love, but these are my absolute must haves!
Can't wait to see/hear your answers and GOOD LUCK!


Niki said...

Just ran across your blog and thought I would play. :)
Well I love any songs from the Goo Goo Dolls. They are from Buffalo, where I was born. Living in AZ now though lol. Um, I love Eric Clapton lately...Who doesn't love the song "Wonderful tonight" by him!? And a classic, Lay down Sally, by him as well. Anywho, I love your blog and I'm gonna go read some more of it. niki

Sara said...

Cool giveaway!! I'm a music nut too so I can relate for sure! Some of my "stop and take note" songs are: She & I (Alabama), Bop (Dan Seals), East to West (Casting Crowns), Far Away (Nickelback) and I'm sure there are more that I can't think of right now lol! As you can see by my list I'm a very diverse music lover - a little of everything :)

Nen said...

Anything "Dire Straits"... LOL! Growing up, my parents would play their album on the record player and they bring back such good memories as a child! If they come on the radio... I HAVE to listen and sing like crazy. They don't really give you much to dance to... but its still fun to be-bop your head and sing! LOL!

Kari & Kijsa said...

We love anything eighties!!!LOL

Have a blessed Sunday,
kari & kijsa

pve design said...

Jem- Just a ride -
Welch singer, and the song speaks to me to enjoy the ride of life!
Love to win a new soap/oil bottle!

Tracye said...

Anything by Mercy Me.

Especially God With Us, I Can Only Imagine, Homesick.

That's a really hard question... there's sooooo much great music out there!

seven said...

Inflammatory Writ by Joanna Newsom... it's so bouncy and fun, and her voice and style are unusual.

Sudz N Bubbles said...

Oh my! How I love dots of any kind.

Happy Partying,

Berezay said...

sign me up again baby! I LOVE those bottles and could totally use one! Thanks for commenting!

Storm said...

I have my favorite songs on a playlist on my blog... everything to oldies to rock to country to gospel. I like it all.

valmg said...

Hi Hazel. thanks for stopping by. You have some neat prizes!

Jenny said...

goodness...there are so many songs i love! right now i loe anything colbie calliat and my touching song right now is "dancing with cinderella"...just reminding me that the kiddos will be grown before we know it!

Love the bottle...I think I have to have one!!! THANKS for the great blog party!

CindyPTN said...

Oh, so neat. I'm in again. Songs that make me stop in my track:

Butterfly Kisses (Carlyle)
I Love the Way You Love Me (John Micheal Montgomery)
There are Angels Among Us (Alabama)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! by Usher

dolls123 (at) gmail (dot) com

Vader's Mom said...

Fun Party!!

My song would be "Home" by Marc Broussard. That boy can sing!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely soap/oil bottle!

Chris Tomlin's worship music gets me in a happy mood!

Nikki said...

Anytime I hear the latest "Amazing Grace" I have to stop and just be still. Completely relaxes me.
And I love love love the giveaway! I've been looking for one for my new kitchen, but all the designs I've found haven't matched.

Darcy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ( and leaving the nice comment. Thought I would check out your fun products and they are really cute! Have fun with the blog party, I'll check back in during the week.

queenrandom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :D

For the question of the day, I'd have to say Tainted Love by Soft Cell :P