Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 6 of Giveaway!

Hi Ladies! I can't believe the party is almost over! As a new blogger I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's blogs and getting to know you a little better! Yesterday's giveaway was won by... Mema Sews! Congrats!
Today's giveaway is your choice of black/white or pink topiary soap bottle! Just leave your answer to the question of the day in the comments section to be entered in the giveaway!
Today's Question: What new blog or blog entry have you discovered this week that you just LOVE (besides this one of course!)? Why do you love it?
My answer... I've bookmarked at least 30 new blogs! Of course I like arty crafty blogs but I have also found some that are just about family life. I'll be adding some to my links soon!
Good luck and have a beautiful day!


Lisa said...

I found a blog called chic Critique. They give product reviews of products. Some of there posts are so funny they have me laughing so hard. I tend to visualize what I read and something's I read just cracks me up. LOL! There are two ladies that post on this blog and one of the ladies June has a real sense of humour.

Nihal said...

Hi Hazel,
Jessica's blog available at seems very interesting for me, that I luckily discovered hers.
Well... the reason is simply because of my addiction to a number of things in my life, that one of them is math:)
Her blog is enough good and funny to make us thinking a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual math.
BTW, the connection between mathematics and art goes back thousands of years, and... ta da! I am a deep art-lover of course:)

Have a lovely creative day.
~ N via CrossRoads ~

pve design said...

"one musette" just jumped into the blogging world and wrote me a few weeks ago to tell me how my blog inspired her-
and now she has her own. A Blog brings people together and creates a positive energy. I love "miss cavendish" too - She has an amazing eye for fashion and color.
I adore "Pioneer Woman" - She has great photos and so many stories to tell-

Sara Mincy said...

Hazel, thanks so much for commenting! I love your blog! The dots and the black and white- SO CUTE!!!! Looks great! Keep up the good work!

Tracye said...

Love this one, of course!

But Chased by Children is just sooo funny!

beth said...

hi hazel !! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment !!! welcome to the blog world!!