Saturday, March 15, 2008

Party's Over!

Yesterday's winner is...Cinnamonspice! Congratulations!
Thanks to all of you for visiting this past week! I have enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to hearing more of your comments! Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend!

Fantastic Felt Pom Pom Rug Photo from MY MINUTIA. Made entirely of felted pom poms! Just glue together! LOVE IT!!!!


cinnamonspice said...

Hi Hazel,

Wow, I'm surprised I won. What a wonderful boost to an already great Saturday. Lemme see...I think I'd like the topiary and can I get it blue and brown? Thanks!!!

heather said...

I love this felt ball rug...what a cute idea. Not sure I'd have the patience to actually glue all those balls together.

M.KATE said...

have never seen anything so colourful, its really pretty :)